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The Unity Federation of Church of England Academies

Colkirk, Sculthorpe and West Raynham Primary Academies

And Little Snoring Community Primary School


Information on DNEAT Academy Conversion for the Unity Federation of Church Schools........More >>>

West Raynham Ofsted report

Colkirk Ofsted report

Sculthorpe Ofsted report

Little Snoring Ofsted report

Other policies can be found on the DNEAT & Core Policies page


English as an additional language policy 2017/18

Christian distinctiveness messy assembly paper

Mobile phone policy - updated 2017-18

Single equality scheme 2017/20

Christian distinctiveness SMSC coverage

Christian distinctiveness SMSC policy

SRE policy 2017/19

Supporting children with medical conditions templates

Teaching for learning policy April 2017

Curriculum history rolling programme

Curriculum science rolling programme

Unity visitor & volunteer child protection & safeguarding info 207/18

West Raynham school brochure

West Raynham SIAMS report

English as an Additional Language Policy2017-18.pdf

Fire safety policy

FIRE SAFETY POLICY.pdf Messy AssemblyPaper.pdf Mobile Phone PolicyUpdated2017-18.pdf singleequalityscheme2017-2020.pdf SMSC Coverage 2015.pdf SMSCPolicy15.pdf SRE Policy17-19.pdf Supporting_pupils_with_medical_conditions_-_templates.pdf Teaching4LearningPolicyApril2017.pdf Two year rolling programme for History.pdf Two year rolling programme for Science.pdf UNITYVisitor&VolunteerSafeguardingInformation2017-18.pdf west Raynham_brochure_parents1.pdf WestRaynhamSIAMS.pdf

Safeguarding report to the Governing body Nov 2014

Safeguarding report to the Governing body Nov 2015

Safeguarding report to the Governing body Nov 2016

Safeguarding Report to the Governing Body.pdf Safeguarding Report to the Governing BodyNov15.pdf Safeguarding Report to the Governing BodyNov16.pdf

Behaviour policy 2016/17


Charging & Remission Policy 2017

ChargingRemissionPolicy2017 (002).pdf

Marking, Feedback & Assessment

Marking and Feedback (updated) 2017

Assessment Guidance Y1-6 (updated 2017)

Assessment Guidance EYFS

MarkingGuide2017updated.pdf AssessmentatUnityFedSummer17.pdf Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage.pdf

SMSC policy 2017/19

SMSC Policy17-19.pdf

Marking guide 2017/18


Lettings policy


Guidance of cameras used in School 2017/18

Guidance of Cameras used in School2017-18.pdf

Educational Visits Policy 2017/18

EducationalVisitsPolicy2017-18.pdf 2016-17Notional SEND Funding.pdf 2016-17PEActionPlan.pdf 2016-17PupilPremiumSpendAllocation.pdf 2016PEPremiumImpactReport.pdf 2016PupilPremiumImpactStatement.pdf Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage.pdf AssessmentatUnityFedSummer15.pdf IMPACTREPORTPupilPremiumColkirkendSpring16.pdf IMPACTREPORTPupilPremiumSculthorpeendSpring16.pdf IMPACTREPORTPupilPremiumWRaynhamendSpring16.pdf PEActionPlan15-16.pdf PEFundingIMPACTREPORT2014-15.pdf

2016-17 notional SEND funding

2016-17 PE action plan

2016-17 pupil premium spend allocation

2016 PE premium impact report

2016 pupil premium impact statement

Assessment in the early years foundation stage

Assessmentat Unity Fed Summer 2015

IMPACT REPORT pupil premium Colkirkend Spring 2016

IMPACT REPORT pupil premium Sculthorpe end Spring 2016

IMPACT REPORT pupil premium West Raynhamend Spring 2016

PE action plan 2015-16

IMPACT REPORT PE funding 2014-15

Pupil premium spend allocation 2015-16 UNITY

SIDP 2015-16

Unity Federation SEND report 2016-17

PPSpendAllocationUNity15-16.pdf SIDP2015-16-1.pdf SENDReport2016-17.pdf SCP16-17UnityFed.pdf PP-strategy-2016-17.pdf

Single Change Plan 2016-17

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17

PP-strategy-2016-17ReviewedJuly2017.pdf PP-strategy-2017-18.pdf

PP strategy 2016-17 Reviewed July 2017

PP strategy 2017-18

PE Impact Statement for 2016-17.pdf PEActionPlan17-18.pdf

PE Impact Statement for 2016-17

PE Action Plan 17-18

AETHOSACTIONPLAN2017-18.pdf Collective WorshipRolling Programme17-20.pdf

Ethos action plan 2017-18

Collective Worship Rolling Programme 17-20


Assessment at Unity Fed 2017-18

Community Cohesion Policy Statement.pdf Continuity for Learning Guide 2017-18.pdf CriticalIncidentsPolicy2017-18.pdf

Community Cohesion Policy Statement

Continuity for Learning Guide 2017-18

Critical Incidents Policy 2017-18

Charging&RemissionPolicy2017.pdf CollectiveWorshipPolicy2017.pdf

Charging and Remission Policy 2017

Collective Worship Policy 2017

SMSC Audit Tool 2017

SMSC Audit Tool 2017.pdf