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The Unity Federation of Church of England Academies

Colkirk, Sculthorpe and West Raynham Primary Academies

And Little Snoring Community Primary School

Information on DNEAT Academy Conversion for the Unity

Federation of Church Schools

What is an Academy?

Academies are state maintained schools free to all children. They have to follow the same rules as all other state-funded schools over admissions, pupils with Special Educational Needs and exclusions. They are still inspected by Ofsted.

Although academies do not have to follow the national curriculum this is unlikely to have any impact on the way that education is currently delivered in the school as a balanced curriculum which is judged against national standards, must be provided. However, we do pride ourselves on our cross age and cross-curricular working and feel that we might have the opportunity to develop this further, particularly as we have the chance to work alongside other smaller schools within the Trust.

Not all academies are the same. We see no need for change to the day to day running of our school and we think that becoming an academy now within the Diocese of Norwich Multi Academies Trust is the best way to ensure that we can do that.

What is the Diocese of Norwich Multi Academies Trust?

The Diocese of Norwich Multi Academies Trust (DoNMAT) has been established by the Diocese of Norwich as a company to be responsible for a number of academies. The Directors have an agreement with the Secretary of State for Education to support and manage a number of individual academies. DoNMAT offers “A safe haven for schools wishing to preserve their Christian heritage, ethos and values; maintain their distinct identity, character and autonomy; prize their place and contribution within the pattern of local provision through inclusive service to their community; and to continue to celebrate an holistic approach to educating and developing the whole child.”

The Directors of the Diocese of Norwich Multi Academies Trust are appointed by the Diocese of Norwich. The Trust also provides a range of services for its Academies, including finance and HR support and meetings for head teachers and governing bodies to support them in continuing to improve outcomes for pupils.

Responsibility for leadership and management of the federation remains with the governing body and the head teacher. The Academy Trust will appoint a majority of the governing body. There will continue to be elected parent and staff governors – including a parent from each school.

What impact will this have on the Unity Federation of Schools?

Governors believe this will have a very positive impact and we are confident the relationship and benefits will develop over time. Membership of the Diocese of Norwich Multi Academies Trust will help to secure the future of our school. Each of our schools has always valued the close relationship with the church - our links are close and strong. Becoming an academy within a Church Trust would support and strengthen these links.

We will not make any major changes. There will be no change to the uniform, the admissions arrangements or to the times of the school day or terms. All children and all members of staff will continue to be part of the school.

So why make the change?

Academy status gives us some additional flexibility in deciding how best to meet the needs of your children.

The Government has made clear that it believes all schools should convert to Academy status and we want to manage how that happens for our school.

You can visit DNEAT's website by clicking on the link below:



DNEAT monitoring evaluation policy

DNEAT schools finance policy 2017-18

DNEAT whole school pay policy 2017/18

DNEAT Monitoring  Evaluation Policy .pdf DNEAT Finance Policy 2017-18.pdf DNEAT Whole School Pay Policy 2017-18.pdf

DNEAT administration of medicines policy 2017/18

DNEAT anti bullying policy (pupils)

DNEAT bullying and harrasment policy (staff) 2017/18

DNEATAdministration of medicines policy - 2017-19.pdf DNEATAnti Bullying Policy (pupils).pdf DNEATBullying and Harrasment Policy (staff) -2017-18.pdf

DNEAT complaints policy - primary Academies 2017/19

DNEAT disciplinary procedures for all employees

DNEAT discretionary leave of absence policy

DNEATComplaints Policy -Primary Academies 17-19.pdf DNEATDisciplinary Procedures for all employees.pdf DNEATDiscretionary Leave of Absence Policy.pdf

DNEAT E-Safety and Acceptable use of ICT Policy 2017/19

DNEAT exit interview procedure 2017/18

DNEAT governors allowances 2017/18

DNEATe-Safety and ICT Acceptable Use Policy  17-19.pdf DNEATExit Interview Procedure - 2017-18.pdf DNEATGovernors allowances - 2017-18.pdf

DNEAT lone worker policy

DNEAT managing sickness absence policy

DNEAT Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 2017/8

DNEATLone Worker Policy .pdf DNEATManagement of Sickness Absence Policy.pdf DNEATPreventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy2017-18.pdf

DNEAT RE policy

DNEAT recruitment selection policy & procedure - Approved May 2016

DNEAT safeguarding policy 2017/18

DNEATRE Policy .pdf DNEATRecruitment Selection Policy and Procedure - Approved May 2016.pdf DNEAT Safeguarding Policy September2017-18.pdf

DNEAT SEND policy 2017/18

DNEAT staff appraisal policy 2017/18

DNEAT staff capability policy - approved 17th July 2015

DNEATSEND Policy 2017-18.pdf DNEATStaff Appraisal Policy 2017-18.pdf DNEATStaff Capability Policy - approved 17th July 2015.pdf

DNEAT staff pay policy 2014

DNEAT staff well-being policy 2015/19

DNEAT staff whistle blowing policy 2017/18

DNEATStaff Pay Policy 2014.pdf DNEATStaff well-being policy.pdf DNEATStaff Whistle Blowing Policy - 2017-18.pdf

DNEAT supporting pupils with medical conditions policy 2017/18

DNEATSupporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf

DNEAT health and safety policy


DNEAT data protection and FOI policy and procedure 2015/16

Foi - DP Policy - Approved 23 Sept 2016.pdf

DNEAT Sculthorpe Admissions Policy 2017

DNEAT West Raynham Admissions Policy 2017

DNEAT Staff Probation Policy 2017

DNEAT Flexible Working Policy 2017

DNEAT Staff Induction Policy 2017

DNEAT Risk management Policy 2017

DNEAT Pay Policy 2016

DNEAT Intimate Care Policy 2017/18

DNEAT Ex-Offenders Policy 2017

DNEAT Data Protection FIO Policy 2017

SCULTHORPE DNEAT Pupil Admissions Policy (Primary) post consultation Feb 2017.pdf WEST RAYNHAM DNEAT Pupil Admissions Policy (Primary) post consultation Feb 2017.pdf DNEAT ALL-Staff-Probation-Procedure-FINAL Feb2017.pdf Flexible Working Policy FINAL 09-03-2017.pdf Staff Induction Policy FINAL Feb2016.pdf Risk Management Policy v1 26-01-17.pdf DNEAT Whole School Pay Policy approved 26-01-17.pdf DNEATIntimate Care Policy2017-18.pdf Ex Offenders Policy - for Personnel Comm 26-01-17.pdf S5 - Data Protection  FOI (Sept 2016) 26-01-17.pdf

DNEAT Colkirk Admissions Policy 2017

COLKIRK DNEAT Pupil Admissions Policy (Primary) post consultation Feb 2017.pdf

DNEAT Accessibility Plan 2015-18

Accessibility Plan 2015-18.pdf

DNEAT Code of Conduct 2017-19

DNEATCode of Conduct - 17-19.pdf

DNEAT Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff 2017-19

DNEATSupporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2017-18.pdf